Jared Seiler
Jared Seiler
Nationality: American   Current Location: Pennsylvania, USA    Kayaks: 9R, Jed
Nationality: American
Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Kayaks: 9R, Jed

My dad got my brother and I into whitewater kayaking in 1997; we learned at a pool session with the Philadelphia Canoe Club.

I had the privilege of living in the Team Pyranha Van, down by the river for 4 consecutive summers with fellow Team Pyranha member and good buddy, David Fusilli, also accompanied by my brother, Graham.

Our first year on tour, the 3 of us spread the gospel of Demshitz, which has since left a huge "Brown" stain in the paddling community.

I love kayaking big, clean waterfalls, boulder drops, and boofs! I also enjoy getting out for some freestyle river running, and surfing waves and holes.


I have a special connection with the Burn; I've used it for the majority of my career and its a great all around boat! Recently however, I've been using the 9R and I am really loving it!


Check out Demshitz.com and follow us on Facebook to see what we are up to!

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