Plastic Types

Pyranha’s MZ3 (Super Linear HDPE)

Balancing the competing demands of stiffness (for both performance and paddler safety) and impact resistance for a whitewater kayak has always been challenging, but we’re pleased to announce that in collaboration with our suppliers, we have taken a huge leap forwards in this arena with the development of MZ3.

MZ3 has produced some highly encouraging independent laboratory tests (showing a significant toughness indicator improvement of over 50%), and over a year’s worth of intensive field testing by Team Pyranha has highlighted a noticeable increase in scratch resistance over our previous compound.

MZ3 is exclusive to Pyranha, and has helped us drive down weight and increase the durability of our premium products; whilst we will never claim a kayak to be unbreakable, we will never stop striving towards that goal.

Crosslink Polyethylene

We experimented with this type of polymer between approximately 1984 and 1991 but ceased due to the horrendous smell it created and fears at the time that it may be carcinogenic; crosslink plastics are also extremely difficult to repair.


LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) is primarily used in the production of shopping bags, cling film, and other similar items, and therefore widely available and comparatively inexpensive, leading to its use in ‘box-store’ kayaks and other imported products produced to a price point; several of the most commonly used variants are also designed to be biodegradable.

Do you offer work placements?

Unfortunately, due to being a small team, we aren’t able to offer work placements or internships; for current full/part-time vacancies, please visit our careers page.

Can you send me a replacement graphic for my kayak?

The sheer amount of time and passion that we put into the development of each Pyranha kayak makes us proud to put our name and iconic Angry Fish logo on them; to make sure these are as durable and long lasting as possible, we use mould-in graphics which fuse into the outer layers of plastic of the shell as it is formed our ovens.

Unfortunately, this type of graphic cannot be re-applied after the moulding process.

How do I apply for sponsorship?

It is extremely rare that we accept applications for sponsorship, and in most cases we will approach people we are interested in working with.

Please can I have some free stickers?

Sure! Just send us a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the address below and we’ll return it with a selection of stickers:

Stickers Please!
Marketing Department
Pyranha Mouldings Ltd.
Unit 1 Premier Point
Aston Lane South
Whitehouse Industrial Estate

Be sure to tag us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with a photo of where you end up sticking them; we love seeing where they end up!

What size bolt do I need to fit my action camera mount?

The insert for securing an action camera mount seen on several Pyranha models released from 2014 onwards is designed to take an M6 x 16mm Countersunk bolt; depending on your action camera setup, you may need to purchase a mount with a pre-made countersunk hole to take the bolt, or alternatively drill and countersink a standard mount.

How can I tell which generation of Burn I have?

The easiest way to tell which generation of Burn you have is to take a look at the logo and compare it to those below:

Where can I purchase replacement parts?

The most commonly requested spares are available in the outfitting section of our webstore; for anything else, please contact your local dealer.

North America Please contact your local dealer, or get in touch with the team at our US Office using the details on our contact us page.

What size spraydeck do I need?

Please see the table below to find a Pyranha spraydeck to fit your kayak (unfortunately we are unable to advise on the fit of other brands of spraydeck)

Angry, Grumpy, and Snappy Deck Waist Tube Sizes

Angry, Grumpy, and Snappy Deck Cockpit Sizes
4-Twenty, Acro-bat, Ammo, Burn III S, i:3, i:4, InaZone, Jed, Loki, Molan, Mountain Bat, ProZone, Recoil, Rev, RX300, S:6, S6F, S6X, S:7, S:8, Seven0, Speeder, Stretch, Stunt Bat, Sub 7, Varun, Z.One
Large (Big Deck)
12R, 9R, 9R II, Burn III M/L/XL, Burn MKI/II, Creek 280, Everest, Fusion, Fusion II, Fusion Duo, G:3, H:3, Karnali, M:3, Machno, Magic Bat, Master 2, Master TG, Micro Bat, Nano, Orca 16, Ripper, Shiva

Rebel Waist Tube Size

Rebel Deck Size
One Size
Rebel, TG Lite

Where can I find specs for my kayak?

For current models, please check the website listing.

For upcoming models, specs will be made available on both the website and our social media channels as soon as they are available.

For discontinued models, we hope to build a resource in the future, but recommend checking out the Buyers Guide on for now.

I’ve split my kayak, how do I make a warranty claim?

If you have experienced an issue with one of our products as a direct result of a fault in either its materials or manufacturing, and not through misuse or general wear and tear, please contact the dealer from which you purchased the kayak in the first instance.

See our warranty page for more information.

Can I weld my kayak?

All Pyranha kayaks produced from 1991 onwards are made from HDPE, which is readily weld-able in most cases.

Plastic welding rods are available to purchase through your local dealer and are supplied with full instructions (which you can also view, here).

If you’d prefer your kayak professionally repaired, many of our dealers are able to offer a welding service or may be able to return the kayak to us for repair; please be aware that this is likely to be a chargeable service.

Will you support my charity challenge?

We receive many requests for sponsorship of charity events, and whilst it's fantastic to see such positive action within the kayaking community, we unfortunately do not have the budget available to support every one; we feel it would be unfair to support only selected approaches, and as such it is our company policy to instead support charities directly ourselves.

You can find more information about the causes we currently support by clicking on the icons below: Surfers Against Sewage Balkan River Defence Free Rivers Fund

We wish you every success in your venture, and should you happen to find yourself paddling one of our kayaks on the trip then do feel free to tag us in any posts so that your story can be seen by a wider audience and hopefully have a greater impact.

Do you ship webstore orders to the US/Canada?

Unfortunately we are not able to ship webstore orders to the US/Canada, but you can place an order by phone with our North American distribution facility; their phone number is 828.254.1101, and their business hours are 9:00-5:00 EST, Monday - Friday.

Can you send me any freebies/sponsor my club?

If you have a specific event such as a fundraiser or fresher's fair, please email with a brief proposal and your club's official address.

Can I buy a kayak from you direct?

We only accept orders from Trade customers; if you make a living in paddlesports, please email, otherwise please contact your local dealer.

Do you offer custom colours?

Yes, we love making people's dream kayak a reality!

Please see our custom colour order form for details on which colours and other custom options are currently available; there is an extra charge to cover the admin time and oven-programming work associated with producing a custom colour without compromising on the structure of the kayak, as well as to offset the increased risk of scrappage.

Splash colours are added by hand during the moulding process, and as such, each splash pattern is truly unique. Unfortunately, it is not possible to fulfil specific pattern or colour distribution requests.

Once you have selected your custom options, please send the completed form to your local dealer for pricing and lead times.

Where can I find my kayak’s serial number?

The serial number can usually be found engraved on an indented panel on the deck of the kayak near the seam line towards the stern, or on the back of the Owner's Manual supplied with your kayak, and for most recent models consists of 12 characters, beginning in ‘XJB’ and ending in 3 numbers.

How can I find out the production year of my kayak?

For most recent models, the last two digits of your kayak’s serial number correspond to the last two digits of the year in which it was produced, e.g. XJBXXXXXX717 indicates a kayak produced in 2017.

How do I know what outfitting my kayak has?

For current models, please see our outfitting page.

For older models, please email including the serial number and photos of the kayak.

What is covered under Pyranha's warranty?

A comprehensive, 2-year warranty on materials and workmanship is supplied as standard with all new Pyranha Kayaks purchased through an authorised Pyranha Dealer (valid to the original owner only). Wear and tear, accidental loss or damage, damage due to misuse, or any damage caused by the use of a kayak with excessively worn or broken outfitting are not covered under warranty.

See our warranty page for more information.

Can I buy a replacement shell for my kayak?

We’re always keen to reduce wastage and help people get back on the water if they’ve damaged their kayak, but are also mindful of the importance of ensuring any outfitting system is correctly installed and in good condition, and the risks of damage associated with shipping a shell without the internal structure the outfitting provides.

Considering this, we will usually request that the broken kayak is returned to us so that we can transfer your existing outfitting system to the new shell, reconditioning or replacing any excessively worn parts within reason, and ensuring it is fitted securely. Of course, this limits the availability of replacement shells to those regions where return shipment of the broken kayak is feasible.

Please contact your local dealer to see if replacement shells are available in your region and for pricing.

Why are Hooker Thigh Grip Attachments not included in Stout 2?

The hooker thigh grip attachments are a carefully designed and developed fitting, produced without cutting any corners…

Ok, maybe some corners are cut, but only in the literal sense when producing the laser-cut foam pad, and CNC cutting the vacuum formed HDPE body on the same machine which trims our hull stiffeners, seats, thigh grips and more, meaning production time here is at a premium. We also must factor in the time taken to assemble these components by hand and offset the cost of the high strength brass inserts moulded in to all Stout 2 thigh grips to allow simple, secure mounting of the hooker thigh grip attachments.

After some careful consideration based on market research and riverside conversations, we concluded that, as only a small number of performance users were likely to call for the hooker thigh grip attachments, it was wasteful to include them as standard and unfair to build their cost into the price of our kayaks for those who may not use them.

I’m struggling to fit my spraydeck; what can I do?

Firstly, double check you have the correct deck size; you wouldn’t be the first to make that mistake!

With any neoprene spraydeck, you'll often find they're much easier to fit when the cockpit rim is damp, and when the deck itself is wet; it can also sometimes be worth leaving the deck on the boat overnight to stretch it out.

Your choice of deck can also affect how easy it is to fit on the boat, with spraydecks featuring reinforcement or latex being harder to stretch than those without, but less susceptible to damage or implosion.

Finally, don’t forget you can always ask a friend, or most other paddlers, to help!

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