Rip-R Evo 2

  • Pyranha Rip-REvo2 Fuego Orange

    Fuego Orange

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    Fire Ant

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    Smoking Gecko

We've been designing and producing innovative whitewater kayaks for over 50 years, but 2022 brought a project which called for us to invest perhaps the most time and energy yet into its testing and development - the Rip-R Evo 2; while our competitors were trying to match the performance of the original Rip-R Evo, we were setting the bar even higher.

This is all because we recognise that success at an Olympic level is the result of the perfect combination of a supreme athlete, the professionalism of their preparation, and the cutting-edge equipment they use. Nobody at this level of competition can rest on their laurels; not the athletes, not their coaches, and not the manufacturers of the boats they race in.

Every surface of the Rip-R Evo 2 has been reviewed and developed. The design combines the past, present, and future with the unique coherency that comes from our World Championship winning history dating back over 46 years, and our ever-forward-looking approach to the sport and how our designs influence it.

Important Notes:

The Rip-R Evo 2 is a performance design, consisting of a lightweight shell and fittings, with finely-tuned and carefully shaped hull features - it is not intended for use above Grade 3, and seal launching down steps or paddling low-water rivers are strongly discouraged.

We have tested the injection-moulded handles fitted as standard up to a breaking strength of around 500kg. Although this is far beyond the breaking strength of plastic handles used by other manufacturers on their general purpose whitewater kayaks, we strongly recommend upgrading to our Drop-Forged, Anodised Aluminium Grab Handles for regular use on natural rivers, where you may heavily rely upon the integrity of the attachment points during a rescue.

We view the Rip-R Evo as our Apollo program; the fittings will continue to evolve, and the sizeable weight of time and effort we have poured into the design processes of both the fittings and the hull will influence projects beyond the confines of Kayak Cross.



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